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5 Out Of The Box Gifts for Arab Woman

5 Out Of The Box Gifts for Arab Woman

Are you searching for an Arabic gift for your mother for mother’s day? Or is it a gift for your Arab girlfriend for her birthday? Congratulations, you’ve arrived to the ultimate guide that gathers amazing and out of the box gifts for arab woman!. 
We have chosen for you 5 amazing gifts that any Arab woman will totally love and appreciate!. These gift ideas can help you stand out of the crowd with a very meaningful and special gift for your Arab mom or friends. 

Gifting is a highly-valued act in Arabic culture. Arabs like giving gifts of all types as a symbol of their generosity and good manners, as their ancestors used to do. They love being gifted equally as well because that makes them feel loved and appreciated !. 

1. The Ultimate Choice : an Arabic Name Necklace. 

Gifts for Arab Woman

A custom made Arabic necklace can be a very good choice if you are gifting an Arab woman.

It’s an excellent choice because it can go along with your budget. If you want to stand out from the crowd with a gift that does not break the budget, you can order a simple gold-plated Arabic necklace, usually its price ranges between 20€ and 50€.

We would argue that an 18K Gold-Plated Arabic necklace is the ultimate gift for your special occasion, and here is why: 

  • . Above all, the person you offer an Arabic necklace as a gift will feel truly appreciated and loved. Most people do not get to experience this feeling in the form of a gift.
  • . It is a gift for life! Most Arab families inherit golden necklaces from one generation to another and remember the loved ones who left through these necklaces. 
  • . It is not as expensive as you may think !
Real Gold Arabic Necklace Production

Here is a small comparison between real gold and Gold-Plated Necklaces.

Gold-Plated Arabic Name Necklace Vs Real Gold Arabic Name Necklace summary

Real Gold Arabic Name NecklaceOur Gold-Plated Arabic Name Necklace
✔. A gift for life! ✔. A gift for life!
✔. It won’t lose it’s shine ever, it won’t cause any
    allergies ever
✔. It won’t lose it’s shine ever if bought from
our website, and it is guaranteed for one year!.
✘. Prices start from 149 Euros for the cheapest one
without concedring the shipping fees.
✔. Costs 29.99 Euros shipping and warranty included

Where to buy Arabic name necklace online?
We are proud to be one of the few online stores of Arabic name necklaces.
Check out our necklaces from here ( Price – Guarantee – Modifications…)

2. Custom Arabic Printed T-shirt, Hoodie or tote bag.

Arabic Printed Hoodie - Gifts for Arab Woman

Another brilliant idea can be a t-shirt or a hoodie printed with a meaningful word or phrase in Arabic!. 
These pieces are usually pre-made and sold online on multiple marketplace, redbubble is one of the most famous ones!. 

Here are some suggestions that might be a perfect fit for the person you want to gift: 

. Habibi Arabic Printed T-shirt, Hoodie or tote bag: 

A simple yet funny and special gift. Habibi means “my love” in Arabic, however it is used among the Arabs for a lover or a friend alike. Translating it as “ My beloved one” gives a better idea of its meaning and usage in Arabic. You can buy it from so many online shops, etsy can be quite helpful in this matter!.

. Custom Name/City Arabic Printed T-shirt, Hoodie or tote bag: 

Beirut Arabic Tote Bag - Gifts for Arab Woman

As a person’s name or city is very important for him, getting an Arabic name printed tote bag can be a great idea too!. Although it usually takes longer to arrive (because it’s customized), it can mean a lot for an Arab. You should take into account a 2-3 weeks average shipping time from the majority of online sellers (few quality sellers too). 

  . “ Love – حب “ Arabic Printed T-shirt, Hoodie or tote bag: 

Houb/ love Arabic T-shirt - Gifts for Arab Woman

This one is a classic!. It’s quite popular among Arabs. A T-shirt that any Arab woman would adore be delighted to wear. If you’re out of time for your gift it can be a great choice!.

Where to buy Custom Arabic Printed T-shirt, Hoodie or tote bag online?

Online sellers with high quality are quite few. However, Chaghaf Paris is a brand that does the job perfectly and that we totally recommend.
They are based in Paris, their products are of a very high quality, and they produce and ship their products quite fast. For orders you need to reach out to them by messaging them on their instagram page.

3. Miswak : a gift that carries a religious value too!

Miswak Arabic Gift - Gifts for Arab Woman

What is miswak? 

Miswak is a piece of wood made from the branches of the arak tree, an evergreen shrub found in Saudi Arabia’s area. Al Miswak are toothpicks used to clean the teeth after eating or at other times.

Miswak may also be made from the Ishaal, Basham, and Dahour trees, but the Arak tree produces the finest toothpicks.

Miswak Arabic Gift - Gifts for Arab Woman

These toothpicks is very popular in Arab and Islamic nations since there is evidence that the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, recommended its use, because it gives the mouth an amazing and pleasant smell.

Where to buy miswak sticks online? 
There are many Miswak sellers on Amazon, but Miswak Club is our recommendation in this matter.They are an established brand that sells miswak sticks and ships them all around the world. It’s true that they aren’t the cheapest provider online, but their packaging and product quality pays it all!. 

4. Arabic Calligraphy Posters: 

Arabic Calligraphy Posters - Gifts for Arab Woman

Calligraphy art is a very unique speciality of the Arabic language. Arabs tend to love the complexity and beauty of Arabic calligraphy. Therefore, why not add an Arabic touch to the decoration of the gifted home?. 

An Arabic poster can be a gift that combines simplicity and distinction. It shows how much the person is valuable to you while not breaking the budget too!. A good quality poster can cost no more than 10-20 Euros. Please note that you will need to buy a wooden/plastic frame as most online sellers don’t include it in the package. 

Not sure which poster to choose? 

Here is a handful of posters that we find meaningful: 

. “Sabr, Douaa, Tawakkol – Patience, Prayer, Trust” Poster: 

A beautiful collection of 3 posters. An excellent gift for a religious person to add a charming ِArabic touch to his living room or kitchen. 

“Sabr, Douaa, Tawakkol - Patience, Prayer, Trust” Poster - Gifts for Arab Woman

. “Amal – Hope” Arabic Poster or/and “Quwwa – Strength” Arabic Poster: 

A collection of two motivational Arabic posters that would add a nice touch as a home decoration. However, those two posters are bought separately.

“Amal - Hope” Arabic Poster

5. Arabic Calligraphy Abaya – A very special and out of the box gift: 

Arabic Calligraphy Abaya - Gifts for Arab Woman

It is a classic style of Islamic clothing that may be regarded as an extension of the hair veils (hijab, tarha). A veil covering the face might be added to complete the look (niqab, shayla).

In Europe, the abaya is typically worn on special occasions such as the Aid holidays or at large events or celebrations.

Where to buy Arabic Calligraphy Abaya online? 
Unfortunately, Buying a beautiful and good quality Abaya online is not as simple as it may seem. We can recommend, for instance, two brands that sell beautiful Abayas: Abaya Republic and Mouftah El Chark. You should take into perspective that an Arabic Abaya would cost between 90-200 Euros, and they don’t usually take a long shipping time.

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